Wednesday, 12 August 2015

It's been a while

Hi guys

Yes yes you are not imaging things, Fiona is writing a blog post!

But I feel like writing a post today to share with you some pictures of some crochet goodies.

I have made to date 3 granny blankets, one quite large, another medium and the last one baby size. 

Before I continue I need to tell you about a massive ball of wool that I picked up in a charity shop.  I go to the local charity shops in Dublin pretty much every day.  I went into a couple of shops that I hadn't been in before and there before my eyes was a HUGE ball of wool.  Holding my breath in anticipation I asked the sales assistant how much it would cost.  €2.50, SOLD!

I lugged it back home in the sweltering heat. My brain was going in overdrive trying to think what I was going to use it for.  I decided on a granny stripe blanket.


I printed off the granny stripe tutorial from Attic24, I practised as she suggests a couple of times and then went for it.  It is worth practising, it's not a difficult blanket but until you get the hang of it and you process it I would recommend trying it out first.

Progress shot
I was a bit worried that the ball wouldn't be enough for the whole blanket.  I ended up buying a large ball of "Arran". Lesson learnt - don't mix wool with Arran.  When I laid out my blanket to see how it was going, and to my dismay the blanket was starting to widen where the Arran was introduced, so I cut it out and went back to my original plan.  You see I thought I would be able to stretch out the grey by introducing another solid background.

The arran
I reckon I am about halfway.  It's quite wide and I want it to be a worthwhile size for an adult.

Finally I took about my balls of cotton and looked through one of my crochet books and randomly chose the pattern for making a "solid granny".

I have been getting a lot of compliments for this little blanket.  I have it in front of my now as I am in the process of adding another round of grey trebles. I need each granny to be a little bit larger.  I mean you can go as big as you like but I have decided to do 2 rounds of grey on each block and then join it.  I haven't tried jayg yet but I will....


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